Learn to fly at Alliance Flight Training! Our mission is to provide high quality, comprehensive, and affordable flight training in a fun, friendly environment.

Alliance Flight Training School at Front Range Airport

Whether you want to just learn to fly for fun, or are aspiring to have a professional career in aviation, the Alliance Flight Training school provides the means and resources to become a safe and competent FAA-certified pilot. For top-notch customer service in a friendly atmosphere, and the most affordable pilot training school in the Denver, Colorado area, we welcome you to stop by our flight school office located in Watkins, Colorado at Front Range Airport (KFTG) to meet our friendly staff and view our facilities and low-cost aircraft rental fleet.

Why be a pilot?

  • Fun! Learning to fly is a fun hobby all in itself. The only thing better is that once you’ve accomplished your goal, you can then share the thrill of flying with your friends and family.
  • Avoid airport security. When you learn to fly general aviation aircraft, you’ll get used to the ease with which you walk out to your airplane and just go fly! Say goodbye to waiting in security lines!
  • Career path. Being a pilot can be an extremely exciting and rewarding career.
  • Business travel. Save time and money by flying to those business meetings that are too far away to drive, but a hassle to get to when you have to wait in security lines when flying commercial. If you are a small business owner there are also great tax write-offs available!
  • Leisure travel. Whether you take the family on a vacation or go on a weekend trip with some friends, being your own pilot will allow you to travel to new places with ease.
  • It’s a challenge! Only around 1% of the population ever accomplishes the goal of becoming a pilot. It will be one of your most rewarding accomplishments in life!

At the Alliance Flight Training school, you will learn to fly at a towered airport. This experience will allow you to receive real-world quality pilot training while benefiting from the comfort of a low-traffic airport environment. Our flight training programs are set in a casual setting that model a “hands-on” approach, ensuring that all students receive the knowledge that is required to be a safe and competent pilot. Flying lessons at Alliance Flight Training are available 24 hours-a-day, rain or shine.

If you’ve never flown before but are interested in learning to fly, the Alliance Flight Training school offers a variety of Discovery Flights. A Discovery Flight is the gateway to becoming a pilot, and is your first real flying lesson. There is no better way to see Colorado than from the sky! But our flights are not just scenic flights; they actually put you in command. You will fly the plane with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and will be challenged to do everything a pilot does before, during, and after a normal flight lesson. It’s not an experience to be missed!

Through our recent partnership with Aspen Flying Club, members of the Alliance Flight Training school also have access to a rental fleet of nearly 90 aircraft! Combined, we offer the largest, most diverse and affordable airplane rental fleet in Denver, Colorado, and the western U.S. Whether a trip to Las Vegas, an excursion to Phoenix, or a relaxing flight around the beautiful mountains of Colorado, we are your low-cost aircraft rental source. Front Range Aircraft Maintenance, our team of full-time in-house mechanics, keeps our airplanes in top quality working order.

So whether you prefer our Front Range Airport Flight School (KFTG), Centennial Airport (KAPA), or Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (KBJC) location, we’ve got you covered. We’ve trained students to become pilots since 1977 and have truly stood above the rest, focusing 100% on quality, safety, and a fun flying experience.

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