Autogyro/Gyroplane Flight Training

We are proud to be the first flight school in the U.S. to offer training on the new type-certificated AutoGyro Calidus. The autogyro – also known as gyroplane, gyrocopter, or rotaplane – obtains lift from an unpowered rotor in autorotation and thrust from an engine-powered, rear-mounted pusher-style propeller. Although it looks similar to a helicopter, air must flow through the autogyro’s rotor disc to generate rotation. Fly our AutoGyro Calidus and experience a whole new level of flying freedom. The small and nimble design allows you to fly low and agile, experiencing the Colorado plains in a whole new way. The large canopy allows for unobstructed 270-degree views which takes sightseeing around the foothills and Front Range of the Rocky Mountains to a whole new level!

Gyroplane Discovery Flight

Always wanted to fly rotorcraft, but not sure you’re ready to take the full plunge to earn the rating? Take a discovery flight! Fly our sleek and fun AutoGyro Calidus with a highly-trained certified flight instructors (CFI). In this 90-minute session, you learn how to perform a preflight inspection on the aircraft, enjoy a breathtaking flight around the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains while you familiarize yourself with the aircraft’s flight characteristics and controls, participate in the shortest landing you may ever experience, and debrief post-flight about further training options. You may also log your flight time! An AutoGyro Calidus discovery flight costs just $199! What a fun way to improve your piloting skills and add a new element of fun to your flying.

Earn Your Gyroplane Rating

Whether you are local to Denver or plan to visit us, we want to help you earn your gyroplane rating. Due for an FAA flight review? Consider earning your gyroplane rating instead of taking another routine flight review in the same airplane you always fly! You will have a blast refining your pilot skills and learning a new airframe – all while completing the requirements and resetting the clock for your periodic flight review. For CFIs, getting a sport pilot gyroplane CFI rating renews your instructor certificate. Review the following requirements and contact us to arrange a training schedule.

Gyroplane Add-On Rating Training Requirements

An existing sport or private pilot adding a sport pilot category and class rating (14 CFR 61.321) may operate a gyroplane after receiving training from a qualified gyroplane CFI on all the items listed in 14 CFR 61.309 and 14 CFR 61.311. The CFI gives you an endorsement stating that you meet the requirements of that part. A second, different CFI conducts a proficiency check on the same knowledge and proficiency requirements. Upon successful demonstration of knowledge and flight proficiency, the second CFI gives you a endorsement and completes form 8710-11. The endorsement allows the pilot to exercise the privileges of the additional category and class of sport pilot. The pilot receives a new certificate in the mail. No minimum hours, no solo requirements, no medical, no check ride, and no knowledge test. Most pilots can complete this add-on category/class training in 10- 15 flight hours.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How fast does a gyroplane go and how high can it fly?
A. A gyroplane flies between 25-120 mph. The sport pilot certificate restricts maximum altitude to 10,000 feet MSL with a 2,000 feet AGL exception for mountainous areas.

Q. Can I take cross-country flights in a gyroplane?
A. Yes! Just like with airplanes, you can enjoy exploring new scenery and visiting new airports.

Q. How many people does the Calidus AutoGyro fit?
A. The pilot plus one passenger or CFI.

Q. How is a gyroplane different than a helicopter?
A. A gyroplane can do everything a helicopter can do except hover and take off vertically. The primary flight controls consist of the cyclic (stick), rudder pedals, and throttle.

Q. Do I need a pilot certificate (license) to fly a gyroplane?
A. Yes. To fly in the U.S., you need a gyroplane rating, under either a private or sport pilot certificate. The sport pilot requirements, a new student pilot is required to be 16 years of age, read, write and understand English, have a current U.S. driver’s license, pass a knowledge test, and complete a minimum of 20 hours of training in a gyroplane. If you already have a pilot certificate, obtaining a gyroplane rating takes between 7 and 15 hours of training with a CFI including a check ride with a second, different CFI.

Q. Do any restrictions affect where I can fly an AutoGyro?
A. Yes. The same restrictions apply as with your sport or private pilot certificate – you must comply with airspace restrictions and all FAA regulations covering certain geographical areas.