Take a Discovery Flight

A discovery flight is the first step into the exciting world of aviation. Whether you’re just curious about what it’s like to fly a small airplane, or have the goal of a lifelong aviation career… Discovery Flights at Alliance Flight Training will introduce you to all the thrills aviation has to offer. A Discovery Flight also makes for a unique gift idea. The gift of flying is a truly special present that will leave a lasting memory and maybe spark a newfound interest.  Give the gift of flight for: giftcert

          • Christmas Gifts
          • Birthday Gifts
          • Graduation Gifts
          • Anniversary Gifts
          • Mother’s and Father’s Day Gifts

…the sky’s the limit!

Check out our Discovery Flight packages Below.

The Future Pilot

This is for the person who is reasonably certain he or she wants to pursue flight training, but just wants to be sure before committing too much time, money, or effort. You and one of our instructors spend a little time on the ground discussing the the basics of flying before going up for your first, albeit brief (45 minute) flight.

The Front Range Experience

Don’t think you’re ready to pursue a pilot certificate? This flight is designed to change your mind! You and an instructor will go up for about an hour, exploring the benefits and beauty of flying a general aviation aircraft. Poke around in the Rocky Mountain foothills, see downtown Denver from the air, or do a touch-n-go at a nearby airport… the choice is yours. This is a one-hour flight.